York Bike Belles

03 September 2021

Working for walking and cycling in York

We are delighted to have teamed up with York Bike Belles to support York residents of all ages and abilities into walking and cycling. Their work helps improve the wellbeing and quality of life of some of the most vulnerable groups in the city - and you can support them through the BetterPoints York programme.

Sheridan Piggott, York Bike Belles' Programme Manager, said, "York Bike Belles' main aim is to support York residents of all ages and abilities into walking and cycling, for wellbeing, quality of life, community and the environment. We very much hope that BetterPoints York will encourage more people to do this. And if people choose to donate their Points to us, they will help us support more people from vulnerable groups into walking and cycling too. A genuine 'Cycle of Good!'"

York Bike Belles are helping the elder community recover from the traumas and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic with free and fun "Cycling Without Age Rides" for care home residents. They support people with mental and physical health conditions into cycling through a free and friendly start cycling scheme called "Cake Confidence" and improve residents' wellbeing with free and creative walking and cycling "Nature Time" experiences around York.

York Bike Belles work tirelessly towards a healthy, green and kind York and with your support, their services will always be there, free for everyone to enjoy.

    How can I donate my BetterPoints?

    1. Track your activities in your BetterPoints app.
    2. Collect the BetterPoints that you win or earn.
    3. Select ‘donate’ and choose York Bike Belles (or another cause you would like to contribute towards) and the amount of BetterPoints you would like to donate

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