iTravel Inspiration from Tiphaine

10 May 2022

Tiphaine kindly took the time to share a photo and answer some questions about their experience of BetterPoints York.

I signed up to receive the "Your Climate Change Update" newsletter from City of York Council as I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint and reduce waste in all shapes and forms. That's where I heard about the BetterPoints app. As I was commuting to work by bicycle and I walk a lot, I thought it would be a good way to record my activity. Plus as it is on an app, it is easy to track my moves since I always have my phone on me.

As I am no longer commuting to work due to Covid at first, then as I am working on a project that I can do from home, I realised I wasn't cycling as much as I used to. By recording my activities, I could see my weekly progress in the app and I was trying to do more cycling. Also, I could record my bus journeys which encouraged me to take the bus to go to the train station instead of taking a taxi - it is cheaper and I earn points.

I like using the BetterPoints York app as I can easily be rewarded with points and vouchers by travelling in a more sustainable way! It is a free and it encourages me to walk and cycle more often. By tracking my progress, I can see how I have done so far and push myself to go for an extra walk or ride. It helps my mental and physical health.

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