November's iTravel Inspiration Winner

09 December 2021

Suzanna won our iTravel Inspiration prize for November and kindly shared her experience of how BetterPoints York helped her to feel happier, get more exercise and save money.

I first came across BetterPoints York when it popped up on my Facebook feed. I was motivated to join the challenge because we had just moved house, so earning rewards would help me to get what I wanted from Argos!

To be honest I didn't use the app much at first. I was dropping my son off at school every day and driving on to work. Then it was the school holidays and the car went in for its MOT and I was struggling to get around. Even though I had a bike, I only used it a few times a year. We took them on holiday in the summer and for the odd trip out to Dalby Forest but nothing more than that. I thought, 'I've got a bike, this is stupid!' and I got it out and started tracking my trips with the BetterPoints app.

When I started cycling in late October my partner pointed out it might not be the best time of year. I thought 'if I can do it now I can do it all year round,' so we left the car at home and me and my son both started cycling. He rides to school five days a week and I cycle to work three out of five days.

It only takes me ten minutes, I couldn't believe that it was almost as quick as the car! At first I was panting when I got to work but now I'm fine. I can really feel the benefit physically. I quit my gym membership in August but cycling to work has made up for it and feeling fitter and earning rewards is also making me walk more.

My advice to anyone thinking about switching to cycling for transport is: crack on and do it!

All I've bought is a set of bike lights and I cycle in my normal clothes. I put half as much petrol in the car as I did before I started cycling so I'm saving money every month. I feel great for it and it's good for the environment too, which is important.

I also recruited my sister and we compete with each other to see who can earn the most points!

Every month we award a £25 York Gift Card to a BetterPoints York participant who shares their experience with us through the iTravel Inspiration survey - just tap ▶️ in the app and answer a few short questions to enter!